What Do We Do?

At the HCS Group we specialise in deep clean commercial services including Deep Clean Antiviral Sanitising.

We Recommend A Deep Clean To Help Prevent and Slow The Spread Of The Coronavirus

Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Is Recommend for the Coronavirus Disease As a Precaution and we can help your business with that. Our cleaning service with help removes germs, dirt, and impurities from all surfaces.

The cleaning we carry out does not kill germs but removing dirt helps lower the risk of spreading infection. We'd then disinfect using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces killing germs on a surface after cleaning lower the risk of spreading virus infection.

We are also available to offer advice on preventing the spread of viruses and offer the supply of hand soaps and sanitisers, as well as surface wipes, sprays and other disinfectants to keep hygiene in your workplace at a high standard.

For more advice on this please feel free to contact us. Or visit our products page to view our range of products.